A New Space Ship!

Last year, I caught the Sport-Touring bike bug again. I have owned sev­eral over the years, and a quick ride on a friend’s ’09 BMW R1200RT really reminded me what I was miss­ing on  my long-legged ‘Turbo Giraffe’ (KTM 950 Adven­ture). So I began list­ing bikes I might want and research­ing them. One by one they got crossed off the list, the Tri­umph Tro­phy SE being the last non-BMW to be crossed off; nice bike, but a bit bor­ing in the motor department.

So it was, I found myself on 8 march 2014 at South Sound BMW look­ing at  a left-over 2013 K1600GT. I’ve always wanted to own an inline  six-cylinder motor­cy­cle and a 12-cylinder car. I’m now 1 for 2 in that area. :-)

A quick test ride and a hand­shake deal was agreed to. The next day saw me take deliv­ery of said beast and then ride it 65 miles home in a mon­soon of a down­pour. Yes­ter­day, I finally got a chance to wash her off and take a few pics, so here we are.

front view. don’t look now but some­thing is gain­ing on you!




Left side. all clean and shiny. 685 miles at this point
2013 K1600GT Montego Blue
2013 K1600GT Mon­tego Blue
The view from the bridge. When the loud han­dle is twisted, you’d bet­ter be hang­ing on!
right side, rear. the pipes are sorta silly look­ing, but they don’t sound bad, and a set of Akra’s cost big bucks.
right side, show­ing off the mighty inline-6, and it’s for­ward cant. Is this the new Slant-6?


and now, for something completely different…

On Sat­ur­day Jan­u­ary 19th, I helped a buddy get his (unique) motor­cy­cle down to Down­town HD in Ren­ton for a Vin­tage Bike show. Focus was on dirt bikes, and motor­crossers, but all sorts of inter­est­ing things came out of the wood­work. Here are a few of the pic­tures I took. Grab a tasty bev­er­age for a nice stroll down memory’s pit lane here.

ready to head for the show


brag sticker on a Penton-Wassel tri­als bike


Ducati swingarm detail


Ducati Scram­bler


Bul­taco Pur­sang, in the frozen fog


an Aermacchi-harley 350 Road Racer


exhaust detail on a Tri­umph 500cc Moto-crosser


a Hodaka Super Rat — my first bike


CJ-Framed Honda 4-stroker


a Pen­ton 125 Six-Days


a 1955 Maico tai­fun 400. just wow.


Hodaka Super Wombat


with wom­bat

any­one who would like larger ver­sions of these, or any­thing else that was there that I might have on film (so to speak), please just let me know. rub­ber side down!



Back from the wilderness…

Hi Gang! It’s been two years since I posted here, and nearly that long since i had rid­den an event until the 13th of Jan­u­ary, 2013. No excuses, just a hec­tic life, spiced up with a man­gled left knee in August of 2012, that has kept me off the loop and out of the sections.

Rode the first PST event of the year, the Plas­tered Pur­ple Pen­guin, at Marysville. Two sto­ries dom­i­nated the day: my ten­der left knee, which it turned out, acquit­ted itself quite well, and the bit­terly cold weather, and accom­pa­ny­ing frozen tun­dra. In many sec­tions, the line was pol­ished smooth due to the action of tri­als tires on frozen dirt. Very chal­leng­ing. But my knee and I sur­vived, I didn’t take home last place, and I had fun, so there will be more events in my future, and more post­ings here.


2nd Away Game

after obe­di­ence class. no he’s not very good at it. an before a bor­ing car rode to lyn­nwood to retrieve a for­got­ten credit card we did a quick 2 searches on a load­ing dock behind the Barnes and noble in Wood­inville. we had an audi­ence for the sec­ond search. G was unimpressed.



1st Away Game

before we can switch from puppy nose work (cook­ies and boxes) Gizmo needs to do 6 searches away from home or the train­ing facility.

this is loca­tion one. the park next to the train depot and the police sta­tion in Duvall. we did two searches one along the path and one along the rock wall. shown here.


Morroccan Chili

It’s not really chili. It’s actu­ally soup, but it’s served at Box­ing Day when there’s Red Chili and Green Chili so this is  Orange Chili. It’s also Vegan. And, oddly, accord­ing to a Moroc­can bar­tender I once described it to, pretty dan­ged authen­tic. Go figure.

Easy to mul­ti­ply for crowds. Remem­ber = Do not feed Adrian cilantro.

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